Bart and Bruno are committed to helping people in extreme poverty. Meet these two healthy altruists.

There is always a very good reason to do nothing, especially to do nothing yourself.

Sir Winston Churchill

Bart Cools

Bart is a philanthropist, altruist, father and husband who received an economic education in Antwerp and Louvain-la-Neuve. He quickly immersed himself in the various facets of Human Resources. After a career spanning 25 years in Belgium and abroad with various international companies, Bart took a sabbatical to rearrange his priorities. He used this period to set up, together with his wife Anne-Marie and their five children, the non-profit organization Children of Lima, through which they devote themselves to the children from the poorest slums of Lima, Peru. Bart lives and works in Belgium and guides organizations through various HR issues where the employee and the human being are central.

Bruno Rouffaer

Bruno lives and works from his home base in Lima, Peru as an international coach/consultant. He is a labor sociologist, with extensive experience in organizational and cultural behavior. He is also known as a leadership rebel with over 30 years of global experience in leadership workshops and coaching. He is author of “Self-Awareness in times of COVID-19 pandemic, a self-coaching guide to happiness” and the bestseller “NO WAY, The Big Bad Boss Era is Over”. Bruno is also a popular speaker on Collaborative Leadership and Change and Resilience in Times of Crisis. He is a free-lance professor and co-founder and partner of Tomorrow4Isibani, Design & Art Laboratory and Comunidad Peruana de Talento, among others. In 2014 he met Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche, an internationally highly regarded and respected Buddhist master and together with Maaike Decock he develops programs in Kathmandu (Nepal). Bruno is married to Fabiola Aranda Del Solar and is father to Ella, Louise and Camilo


Tomorrow4Isibani is founded by Bruno and some of his friends

Children of Lima is founded by Bart and his family

Bart and Bruno meet and join forces

The pandemic causes big challenges for their projects in the shanty towns

Bart and Bruno write a book together

The book is available via all major bookstores and websites